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Ian Cairns 'Kanga' signature model. The nexus between stability and performance, the Kanga is designed for those of us a little older, a little weight challenged, but still wanting to surf performance...

Wood Type: Paulownia

  • Paulownia
  • Balsa

Size: 7'0" x 24 11/16" @ 67.1L

  • 7'0" x 24 11/16" @ 67.1L
  • 7'3" x 25 9/16" @ 74.6L
  • 7'6" x 26 1/2" @ 82.5L
  • 7'9" x 27 3/8" @ 91.1L
  • 7'11" x 27 15/16" @ 97.1L
  • 8'0" x 28 1/4" @ 100.1L
  • 8'1" x 28 1/2" @ 103.3L
  • 8'2" x 28 13/16" @ 106.6L
  • 8'3" x 29 1/8" @ 109.9L
  • 8'4" x 29 7/16" @ 113.2L
  • 8'6" x 30" @ 120.2L
  • 8'9" x 30 7/8" @ 131L
  • 9'0" x 31 3/4" @ 142.6L
  • 9'1" x 32 1/16" @ 146.6L
  • 9'2" x 32 3/8" @ 150.7L
  • 9'3" x 32 5/8" @ 154.8L
  • 9'5" x 33 1/4" @ 163.4L
  • 9'6" x 33 1/2" @ 167.7L

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Ian Cairns 'Kanga' signature model. The nexus between stability and performance, the Kanga is designed for those of us a little older, a little weight challenged, but still wanting to surf performance waves.

The curves, width and volume are positioned to accommodate surf stance paddling for quick approach to steeper waves. An all-around ripper.

**Pads and fins sold separately
We believe surfers should setup their boards the way that suits their style best. Pad or wax, quad or thruster, bond with your board and customize to your liking.


Wood Type

Paulownia, Balsa


7'0" x 24 11/16" @ 67.1l, 7'3" x 25 9/16" @ 74.6l, 7'6" x 26 1/2" @ 82.5l, 7'9" x 27 3/8" @ 91.1l, 7'11" x 27 15/16" @ 97.1l, 8'0" x 28 1/4" @ 100.1l, 8'1" x 28 1/2" @ 103.3l, 8'2" x 28 13/16" @ 106.6l, 8'3" x 29 1/8" @ 109.9l, 8'4" x 29 7/16" @ 113.2l, 8'6" x 30" @ 120.2l, 8'9" x 30 7/8" @ 131l, 9'0" x 31 3/4" @ 142.6l, 9'1" x 32 1/16" @ 146.6l, 9'2" x 32 3/8" @ 150.7l, 9'3" x 32 5/8" @ 154.8l, 9'5" x 33 1/4" @ 163.4l, 9'6" x 33 1/2" @ 167.7l


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Kirby F.
United States United States

9’9” Kanga

First of all Doug Campbell did a great job of working through the shipping problem out of Thailand to get a big board sent out from Florida to me in Santa Cruz…. Thanks Doug…. The board itself is a big ****** but gives me the stability I need for bumping conditions. I also have a 9’6” Kanga that works great in glassy conditions and in bigger surf, but at 72 years old and 225 lbs I spend too much time in the water when it is bumpy. The 180 liter 9ft nine will be something to push over the edge in bumpy winter surf; but at least I will not be falling off paddling out. Cheers. Oh and by the way Ian snaked me time and time again at Kammie land when I was 21 years old.

United States United States

Fantastic - wish I lived closer to Thailand

I love this board. Originally purchased 9'6 Kanga which took some getting used to, was a bit unstable for me in the Northern California chop. I could do it, but it wasn't enough volume for me personally to feel super stable. I'm 6'4 245lbs, 49yo but this is a height/weight/skill level issue not the board itself as I'm a beginner leaning intermediate sup surfer. I loved the board, but decided to go up in size and bought the 10'0 195liter behemoth which has been perfect for me and I absolutely love it. Stable, fast, fun, easy to paddle and surf and helped me progress ridiculously far in just a few sessions. I liked it so much I ordered a 3rd version in the 2 piece format so that I can travel with the Kanga. Very happy, as the other reviewers have said, there's magic voodoo in the board that makes it a real joy to surf, and with the wood they use they are also quite beautiful. Very happy, and looking forward to continuing to progress on the Kanga. Takes a while to ship, but that's supply chain in the world of Covid. Worth the wait.

Akash B.
United States United States

Perfection !

This board is fantastic. I have owned several boards from several vendors and there is something special about this board. It’s very stable but at the same time very fast and rips. Don’t think twice , get one. Stoked !

John W. Gartman
United States United States

Amazing board

Highly recommend this board. Incredible quality and performance. JL Super Frank JL Destroyer Infinity RNB Starboard PR This board has a little more nose rocker than my other board so better for beach breaks, late drops. Surprise how fast a stable ! Dome deck super thin rails on the 8’6….120 liters with Balsa floats more like 5-6 liter more. Great design Ian thanks

Mike R.
Canada Canada

Almost surfs itself

I haven't ridden a ton of boards and have been surf supping for about 6-7 years. I bought a Kanga after months of research and in the end Rick Weeks (supthecreek) recommendation of the Kanga became a clear favourite. It took a while to get the board through the assembly line, but not much different than the 8 weeks mentioned in the description. The board was well worth the wait. The Kanga is super stable in the chop, which is important here on Vancouver Island - and particularly for those of us getting a bit older. It catches waves easily and quickly picks up speed off the shoulder. I swear it almost turns down the line on it's own it's so easy. The Kanga is a much more manoeuvrable and turns much easier than it's size might imply. Coming off a Starboard widepoint, I think the Kanga made as much progress in my skill level in one day as I made in the last two years. It's really a pleasure in the surf. There is some strange voodoo magic in the low profile rails and other features of this board. I had a close out or two as I was surfing down the line and without any jerkiness or instability it just squared up to the wave as it was breaking on it and brought me out in front of the white water and said 'do another turn'. I had a big grin on my face all day the first time I took it out in Tofino.